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HIGH90 - 70
AVERAGE60 - 40
LOW30 - 10

HIGH (90-70)

Human-like monsters and lesser-demons, such as vampires, imps, and horned devils. These beings may appear almost indistinguishable from humans, but possess supernatural abilities and a mischievous nature.

AVERAGE (60-40)

Beast-like monsters and greater-demons, such as werewolves, dragons, chimeras, and hydras. They are more animalistic in appearance and nature, but human traits can still be identified in them.

LOW (11-25)

These creatures are powerful and terrifying, but still possess some faint traces of humanity in their appearance and behavior.

NULL (0)

∞ (-10)

Angelic hosts. The Cleansing Flames.


Abominations, such as the Lovecraftian Great Old Ones and the horrific entities from the Abyss. These beings are so alien and monstrous that they barely resemble anything human at all.

Unique Humanity Traits


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